Travel Gadgets

March 21, 2012 4:43:29 AM PDT
Spring Break is around the corner and here to share some of the best travel gadgets plus money saving tech sites and services is Jennifer Jolly, Tech lifestyle Editor for

eBates - is a terrific web site that offers savvy shoppers the smartest way to shop. Each time you make a purchase through Ebates, such as travel gadgets or vacations, you actually receive cash back.

ASUS Zenbook Ultrabook $1000 - An Ultrabook is truly the "must-have" device this year and does everything - runs all the software you know and love, plays movies, provides eight hours of battery life and is very easy to interact with. As a bonus, it's thin, light and easy to travel with.

Sony Red Reader $130 - The lightest 6" eReader with a really long battery life that will let you read for over a month on a single battery charge. Also the world's first eReader to offer wireless public library downloads from the device.

Jak and Daxter video set $40 - Everybody always asks me how to keep the kids - or even worse - the tweens - or teens entertained. If you've got a gamer in the family - for a whole lot less money - you can surprise the kids with the Jak and Daxter Collection - the ultimate PlayStation 3 compilation of the critically-acclaimed series.

Pocketfinder $150 - Another great gadget for travelers is a personal GPS - PocketFinder. It's a tiny, pocket-sized location device that can track people, pets or even lost luggage anytime - from just about anywhere in the world.

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