Group protests CPS longer school day

April 9, 2012 3:07:46 PM PDT
A new coalition representing 16 parent and community organizations is protesting longer school days at Chicago Public Schools.

Members gathered at City Hall Monday to present the mayor's office with a report which they say rebuts many CPS claims about the need for longer days.

"The conclusions of a wide range of researchers is that a longer day does nothing to further educational outcomes is all about how the time is used," said Jonathan Goldman, Chicago Parents For Quality Education.

"We are very concerned that CPS does not have the finances to provide a quality 5.45 hour school day, much less sustain a seven and half hour day," said Nellie Cotton, Chicago Parents For Quality Education. "Our school has no library, no lunchroom, limited social studies and science classes."

CPS issued a statement saying the longer school day is one of many investments it is making to help students achieve success in the classroom and beyond.