Lottery throws party for winning group

April 12, 2012 1:37:19 PM PDT
The Illinois Lottery threw a party for a group of 115 people who won $1 million jackpot in the St. Patrick's Day millionaire raffle.

They're called the Millersburg Pool and comprise of winners from 4 downstate communities.

They all paid $5 to buy into a pool that a community store was running.

The Illinois Office of Communication and Information provided this video.

Many of them gathered in Pierron Wednesday for a barbeque and bluegrass concert as they picked up their checks.

"When they had a town meeting about this people that didn't know each other," said Dawn Lloyd. "People were talking and laughing and we shared something. It brought us closer to the people that we don't even know."

The store that sold the winning ticket gets 10-thousand dollars.

The owner says she will use that money to expand and add new jobs.