Women spend $25K on stolen credit card numbers, police say

April 19, 2012 2:13:08 PM PDT
Four women from Illinois were arrested in Mississippi on charges of identity theft and credit card fraud.

Police in Mississippi say Ashley Dover of Riverdale, Olivia Ray of Chicago, Kieariah Collins of Champaign, and Tashanna Toler of Maywood spent more than $25,000 with the use of stolen credit card numbers. They were arrested at a Target store in Flowood, Mississippi.

Dover is a student at Jackson State University. Officers say when they searched her campus residence they found equipment to make fake credit cards.

"They put in a tipping machine which would overlay the card with whatever design they liked. Nascar, Regents Bank, Trustmark Bank, any of those things," Det. Lloyd Coulter said.

Each woman is charged with 16 felonies. The U.S. Secret Service is assisting with the investigation.