Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign

May 13, 2012

She survived and founded the organization "PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment." (link: On Mother's Day, PAVE is launching the new nation-wide campaign called, "Moms Shattering The Silence." (link: Angela came into our ABC7 studio to talk about the campaign and her own story.

Tips for moms if her child discloses to her he or she has been sexually abused:
- Tell her/him you believe them.
- Be supportive and thank that person for sharing their experience.
- Tell her/him it was not their fault.
- Listen, Listen, Listen.
- Focus on the survivor's emotions, not on actual facts about the assault.
- Do not accuse or judge your loved one.
- Gently encourage the survivor to report the assault, but respect her/his decision if they choose not to.
- If you are their partner, do not pressure them for sex.
- It is normal to feel enraged that someone hurt your loved one, but the focus should remain on the survivor's emotions.
- Although it may be difficult, try not to over-protect your loved one.
- Encourage them to seek professional counseling.
- Do not pretend the assault never happened.
- Remember even if the assault or abuse happened a long time ago, you could be the first person they have told. Your reaction will have a big impact on them.

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