Anti-NATO protesters use social media to spread message

May 16, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Busloads of protesters are on their way to Chicago and they want as many people as possibly to know it. Many are streaming live feeds from on board some of those buses.

The images are meant to energize those already on the ground in Chicago. It is just one example of how Occupy Chicago and other groups are taking their message to the masses.

Tuesday night, as aggressive protesters charged through the streets of Bridgeport, a group of sympathizers had their back. From a Wicker Park loft, a high-tech effort was under way to make sure "the whole world is watching," or at least they can if they want to.

"Part of it is how much of this will get out there. Not only get out, but is circulating to a new audience?" said NATO Indy Media's Jimmy Johnson. "It's fine if all the protesters retweet our stuff, but what we really want is to reach a new audience."

This is essentially an-anti NATO newsroom, staffed by volunteers, some of whom cover their faces.

Lorenzo Serna is the director, switching between live feeds sent back from the field as events unfold. And these are their eyes and ears: Amateur photographers armed only with a smart phone and wi-fi.

"I don't consider myself part of the demonstration," said protest photographer Timothy Pool. "My goal is to make sure the flow of information continues and there's a clear picture of exactly what happened here."

During the big protests planned for this weekend, the folks at NATO Indy Media expect there will be as many as 30 or 40 people sending back live steams of the demonstrations and the police reaction to it.





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