Arrested protester: Police never read rights

May 18, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Darrin Annussek said he was never read his rights or even questioned by police.

Annussek, who's from Philadelphia, said he was among those arrested Wednesday night at an apartment building near 32nd and Morgan.

"They did not speak us to for 18 hours," Annussek said. "They did not let us know what was happening. They did not let us know what was happening next."

The 36-year-old former social worker arrived in Chicago May 1 and was staying with Occupy Chicago protester William Vassilakis, who was not arrested.

Friday, Vassilakis denied reports that molotov cocktails were found in his home, saying police confiscated equipment used for beer making, his hobby.

"I have two different kinds of beer right now, an India Pale Ale and a stout," Vassilakis said. "You can come try them."

Annussek says he was held for more than 30 hours, 18 of them spent at the Organized Crime Division building, where he said he was kept alone and shackled in a small interrogation room.

"Some of our cries for the bathroom were either ignored or met with silence," Annussek said. "As a result, some of us were forced to urinate or defecate in the area where we were confined to."

Annussek was eventually moved to Harrison District police, where he said he was told he was under investigation for felony conspiracy.

Three remain in custody, and six people have been released including two who were freed about 8:30 p.m. Friday without being charged.

"It was hard to determine why we were here. We were never given straight answers," said Daniel Murphy, freed protester.

"When there are lawyers on the outside pleading with this city to give us information about where our clients were being held, we were met with silence," said Sarah Gelsomino of the National Lawyers Guild.

Chicago police have declined to discuss the case or even acknowledge the arrests occurred.

Annussek said he'll continue protesting peacefully.

To endanger anybody's life, it's not only a slap in the face, it's against everything I stand for morally," Annussek

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