Mental health protesters march to Emanuel's home

May 19, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The protesters, many of them affiliated with Occupy Chicago, are angry with the mayor over his decision to close mental health clinics.

Several dozen of them have taken their message to the mayor's home, walking on the sidewalk out front and chanting, "Fight, fight, fight, healthcare is a human right."

The mayor was not at home at the time of the protest.

Some of the protesters have been going door-to-door in blocks surrounding the mayor's home, trying to talk to residents about their cause.

Leaflets left on doors essentially dispute the mayor's contention that closing six mental health centers actually both saves money and makes for improved services.

"This is not more service," said protester Dr. Lora Chamberlain. "Rahm spins it. Somehow, out of less he's going to make more. He thinks nobody can add. They are cutting services when we have a greater and greater need."

"There are people in this city that are not getting their share of the tax dollars that they are giving to the city," said protester N'Dana Carter. "If the city is supposed to be successful and healthy and safe, that everyone be made healthy and safe."

There were a couple of dozen protesters walking in front of Emanuel's home.

The protest has dispersed with reports that they are on their way back, but when they were at the mayor's home, there were more neighbors and reporters than there were protesters.

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