Pet Week: Ways to slim down your overweight pet and save money at the vet

May 22, 2012

The guaranteed way to slim down your overweight pet:

1. Analysis by vet to prescribe a medical diet

2. Give pet an appetite suppressant that is made to decrease the discomfort of being hungry, which will stop begging.

3. Diet treats

4. Weigh in at the vet. Scientific adjustments made due to a plan.

5. A little exercise

6. Blood test for thyroid disease if diet is not working.

Saving Money at the vet during tough economic times

1. avoid online rx risks and talk to your vet about how to save on prescriptions

2. new heartworm preventative injection cheaper and less to remember- lasts 6 months instead of 1month.

3. Have a vet clean your dogs teeth. Prevents expensive like heart and kidney problems and extraction of teeth. also prevents pain and "doggie breath"

4. If your pet is overweight, discuss a diet/appetite suppressant program for your pet. (many times free except for food and med costs). Avoiding being to heavy avoids serious and expensive diseases like diabetes, respiratory/cardiac disease, arthritis and orthopedic injury.

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