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May 23, 2012 (RELEASE)

Portland, Oregon ranked number 1.

The magazine came up with the ranking by looking at the number and quality of bike lanes, racks, routes, as well as how many residents commute by bike.

One of Chicago's most popular biking events returns this Sunday. Bike the Drive will attract thousands to Lake Shore Drive for an uninterrupted ride from Bryn Mar Avenue to 57th Street.

Brandon Elliott, owner of Iron Cycles, shows bike riders some must haves when it comes to bike safety. 1.

Bike Lights
Awesome light that's USB-chargeable and not only provides light for you to see but also a flasher for cars to see you.

2. Tires:
Continental Gatorskin tires
Provide a lot of grip, top-notch puncture protection, and long life.

3. Helmet:
A new helmet from Giro that offers nearly ALL of the benefits of their $250 top-of-the-line helmet for $95.

4. Shoes:
Giro privateer (mens) or Manta (womens) shoes offer the same upper as the $300 Code, but lose the carbon sole to save $150. Adds efficiency and comfort to long rides.

5. Lotion:
Chamois cream from a Chicago-area company developed by a local racer. Top-notch quality and they support a lot of local cycling...Great for those long rides in the sun.

Choosing the right frame type:

That involves deciding what you are going to use the bike for. Commuting? Leisure riding? Racing? Choosing the right size should start with some basic body measurements (height, inseam). The most important measurement on the bike is called the "reach" or how far the handlebars are from the seat. Seat height is easily adjusted with a huge range, but the handlebar height and reach have somewhat limited adjustments. The handlebar position also has a huge impact on the fit of the bike, how it you feel wheel riding, and the handling of the bike.

Fix flats and fix broken chains are the two big ones. For flats all you need is a tire lever, a patch kit, and something to air it up with. If it's really bad, a new tube.

Bike the Drive:

The Rainbow Challenge Tour is Sunday, September 23, 2012 in Evanston:

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