Homemade pie in Logan Square

May 25, 2012 (CHICAGO)

If you didn't know any better, you'd think you'd stumbled into your grandmother's kitchen. The handmade pie crusts and biscuits - always warm from the oven - transcend childhood memories. This is the kind of kitchen, emanating the kinds of smells, every kid wishes they could have had.

The cozy, homey Bang Bang Pie Shop has only been open in Logan Square for about a month, but it's already selling more of its namesake than it can possibly bake.

"We've always had a cream pie, a fruit pie and a chocolate pie," said Michael Ciapciak, Bang Bang Pie Shop.

Meagan Miller must have the patience of a saint. Either that or she simply enjoys baking. Because just about any time of day, you'll spot her in back, rolling, shaping, crimping or filling pies in various states of completion.

"Now that we're in spring it's off to the races. We're starting with rhubarb, which we're super excited about," she said.

"That'll probably lead into a strawberry rhubarb. It'll be berries all summer long. Meaghan's berry pie is to die for. She does a fresh blueberry with a blueberry wine compote poured over the top."

A cobbler crumble topping is generously applied to her rhubarb, which offers a sweet contrast to a tart filling. Her cakey/fudgy chocolate chess pie could do battle with her French silk for best excuse to consume chocolate in the morning. But there's no shame in tackling her sweet-tart key lime as well, featuring shards of freshly-grated zest. As much as the pies are the star, don't rule out the biscuits, which are certainly among the best in Chicago. Sour cream and melted butter are keys to the batter, but so is a gentle kiss of melted butter once they're pulled from the oven. Offering a caddy including blueberry lavender jam and black pepper honey butter only amplifies the quality. That, and the occasional special of candied bacon.

"It kinda touched on that same warmth of pie and memories," Miller said."We really wanted to do something that was with our hands and that we could provide something to get us through that morning time when people came in for the pie."

Now Bang Bang opens at 7 a.m. during the week, except for Monday when they're closed, and 9 a.m. on the weekends. So you could have pie for breakfast. But how's this for a Breakfast of Champions: homemade biscuit, candied bacon and ice coffee made with beans these guys roast themselves. That's livin'.

Be sure to call ahead, to find out which pie flavors are still available because when they run out, that's it for the day.

2051 N California Ave
(between Mc Lean Ave & Dickens Ave)
Chicago, IL 60647
Neighborhood: Logan Square
(773) 276-8888

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