Trayvon Martin's mother attends Rainbow PUSH forum

May 26, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Martin's mother says a foundation has been set up in her son's honor.

Sabrina Fulton said the goal is to provide mentoring and education to young people about profiling. Fulton said the family also wants to change the so-called 'stand your ground' laws.

Martin was shot to death in Florida by a community watch volunteer while walking home. The case eventually gained national attention.

"Once people started hearing the facts and they seen what type of people we were, they seen who we were, I think that kind of touched them and made them think about their sons and their daughters," said Fulton. "We are the voice for Trayvon Martin. He is not here to speak for himself. So we as his parents have decided instead of sitting back and not doing anything this is what we have decided to do to help our community and to help other parents."

All those who have lost children to gun violence were invited to attend the forum at Rainbow PUSH.

George Zimmerman has been charged in Martin's death.

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