Grenades found in Wrigleyville building

May 30, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The three-story greystone and several other buildings nearby were evacuated by police after a maintenance man found the grenades in the garbage in the basement. The Chicago Bomb and Arson Squad rushed to the scene.

"They think there [are] a couple of grenades in the basement of the building across the street," Bob Nowicki, neighbor, said.

"It is kind of unsettling because it's in your own house and you live two floors above something that could possibly detonate, so it's a little freaky," said Tina de la Cruz, who rents one floor of the three-flat.

The grenades, which date back to World War II, belonged to a now deceased Army veteran named Carl Kita. His son, Ron Kita, whose family owns the building, said his father was stationed in Japan and brought the grenades to the home where they grew up.

"It's memorabilia, it's dangerous memorabilia, but it's something that was part of our history," said De la Cruz. "It's kind of cool that in our little building this is what was found."

The police blocked off part of the area as the Cubs played nearby. First responders use fire trucks to keep fans away from the scene.

"This is not a typical day for this neighborhood," said Chris Galbreath, evacuee.

Police say the Bomb and Arson unit safely disposed of the grenades.

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