Pickup truck crashes through Minnesota bar

May 31, 2012 (LITTLE CANADA, Minn.)

Surveillance video inside a tiny bar in Little Canada, Minnesota, captured the mundane scene beforehand and the mayhem after.

Officials say a 51-year-old woman suffered a medical condition while driving on Little Canada Road, taking out a light pole and then slamming her truck into the building.

"It happened like that. You didn't have time to react," said bar manager Pat Sazenski.

Sazenski was bartending at the time and just missed getting crushed.

"I seen a pole flying through, and I thought that was kind of strange," said Sazenski. "And I heard a boom than a truck came right through a wall."

Amongst the debris, three people were pinned up against the bar.

Jim Cossak just happened to be in the parking lot working on a Bobcat. He used the rig to help pull the truck away from the patrons.

"They were dazed," said Cossak. "They didn't know what happened. My fiancee went up to the woman pinned to try to help her and free the stuff away from her."

A total of six people were taken to the hospital, including the driver.

Officials say two of the patrons were seriously injured.

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