Lake Co. man found dead outside home

June 4, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Harry Dahms was found shot in the head on the driveway of his home in far north suburban Russell Friday morning. A neighbor found his body.

"This is something that shouldn't have even happened," said Larry Miller, neighbor. "If they catch the guy, I hope they put him in jail."

The 68-year-old Dahms was well known in the community. The retired firefighter could be seen collecting scrap metal around the area in his pickup truck.

But while lots of people knew him police say he had few close friends or family members. He lived alone and let few people get close, which makes finding his killer more difficult.

"We interviewed everyone in the neighborhood, it's small town. Nobody heard any gunshots," said Deputy George Manis, Lake County Sheriff's Department. "The people that saw him, they were leaving for work, they saw him laying in the driveway and immediately called 911."

"He did not at any enemies that we were aware of," said Sheriff Mark Curran, Lake County. "After investigating the case for one week now we do not have anything that jumps out at us."

Police say Dahms was a familiar face at several local restaurants, including the truck stop on Russell road and I-94. Apparently he ate all of his meals out because he didn't cook.

Neighbors say he lived in a home in Russell for more than two decades.

"He was a good man," said Norma Pounder, neighbor. "He helped out some people, and now this happens to him."

Investigators say robbery was apparently not a motive. They found nothing missing from the home. They are following leads, but they are hoping witnesses will come forward.

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