McCarthy likened to Braveheart, George Washington for NATO summit work

June 6, 2012 2:47:23 PM PDT
Chicago's first responders received high praise Wednesday from the City Council for their work during the NATO summit.

Aldermen approved a resolution honoring several departments, including Chicago police and firefighters as well as Illinois State Police. They were praised for balancing safety with the rights of protesters.

Some even compared Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy with George Washington and Braveheart. Mayor Rahm Emanuel joked about banning such references, but he did offer his thanks "on behalf of a grateful city."

"We wrote a new chapter in the history of this city," said Emanuel. "We have turned the page from what happened in the past, and Chicago has become the new gold standard of how what to do, not what not to do."

Superintendent McCarthy called it all the "seamless execution of a great plan."