Baby born in Indiana parking lot

June 20, 2012 (MERRILLVILLE, Ind.)

"I couldn't even think right," said Selena Planer, mother. "I was in too much pain. I was just trying to concentrate on not going crazy with my contractions."

Caleb's unexpected wake-up call came three weeks ahead of schedule.

Planer and her husband Joseph got in the car with Selena's parents and sister and began the 20- minute drive from Merrillville to Franciscan St. Anthony Health Center in Crown Point, until Caleb sent them on a detour.

"I'm trying to rub her stomach. She's like, 'don't touch me!' And then her dad is like, 'what are we going to do?!'" said Joseph Planer, father.

In the car, Selena's mother Sulma called 911.

Sulma: She's in labor right now. She's having a baby. Operator: OK. I'm getting an ambulance over there for you. Ok? Sulma: OK. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The family pulled into a parking lot off U.S. 30 where they were met by police, paramedics, and a sign of what was to come.

"Caleb, he wants that great escape. He wants to get out. He didn't wait, you know?" said Juan Otano, baby's grandfather.

Selena says seconds after being loaded into the ambulance, it happened. Caleb Anthony Planer weighed in at six pounds, two ounces.

"Words can't describe how happy I was to know that he was fine," she said.

"Believe it or not, he looked like her," said Otano. "It's overwhelming."

Their tears of joy come after a year of heartache. Selena and Joseph were to be parents a year ago, but their baby was not born alive.

Because of the brother he'll never know, Caleb is a blessing.

"Right when he came out, I started crying," said Joseph Planer.

"It hits you hard, you know what I mean? In a good way because we had a bad experience before," said Otano.

"As long as he's healthy, it doesn't matter how he came here," said Selena. "He's perfect. That's all that matters."

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