Real estate tax to fund parks program

June 24, 2012 10:41:41 AM PDT
With a goal of leaving "no child inside," the state announced more than $12 million in grants to help build and improve parks.

Gov. Pat Quinn was at an event Saturday at Columbus Park on Chicago's West Side.

The money comes from the real estate transfer tax and it will fund 39 projects across Illinois.

Quinn's office estimates they will create more than 200 jobs. He says the grants will also help make sure families are able to spend time outdoors.

During Saturday's event, Quinn also commented on the elimination of the circuit breaker program, which helped seniors and the disabled with their property taxes.

"The members of the general assembly did not appropriate even one penny for that program," Quinn said. "When they do that, there's nothing we can do. You can't have a program without appropriation of money for that program."