Dry conditions threaten area fireworks shows

June 29, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The show in Plainfield has already been canceled because of drought- like conditions. In Wauconda and Round Lake, displays have been postponed.

Fireworks planned for Friday night in Lisle at the Eyes to the Skies festival were canceled because of storms.

"I guess we'll have to wait til tomorrow," said Jessica Li.

In fact, fireworks shows are cancelled in other suburbs too. The conditions are just too dry.

In Wauconda, the July 3rd show along Bangs Lake is postponed indefinitely. Grass in the area did look parched.

"It creates a hazard," said Wauconda Fire Protection District Chief Dave Dato. "We've had other grass fires and brush fires, more so than we have in the past."

In Plainfield, same story. The show's canceled, and Round Lake Beach's show is now scheduled for September.

"If it's for the safety for the kids and the people that are attending, I think we just gotta go with it," said Plainfield resident Sarah Wiegman.

So as folks leave the Lisle show disappointed, Mundelein and St. Charles officials are waiting to decide if they'll have fireworks, depending on the forecast.

"If we get torrential downpours for short periods of time, those run off, so we're looking at some type of a sustained rain pattern," said Mundelein Fire Chief Tim Sashko.

When it comes to the heat, festivals, like Naperville's Ribfest, are hoping to have the medical necessities they may need.

"We've got emergency tents scattered throughout the park, we've added a couple extra this year because we were anticipating the heat," said Ribfest Chairperson Mark Wright.

At the Old St. Pat's block party, paramedics are on stand-by.

"The forecast is warm, but we're all set. We've got misting stations, we've got plenty of water, we've got cooling centers with our buildings, people can go in church if they want, it's nice and cool in there, so we're all set to go," said Father Tom Hurley of Old St. Pat's.

The Old St. Pat's block party continues Saturday, and if you're looking for fireworks, they plan to have some in Lisle Saturday and Sunday.

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