Storm strands Chicago-bound Amtrak train in W.V.

July 1, 2012 (PRINCE, W.V.)

The 232 passengers were stranded on the train in Prince, West Virginia for nearly 24 hours.

The passengers had to be rescued by several buses.

They arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio Saturday night.

Passengers said the train did have power, air conditioning and food, but said that there was no cell phone service while they waited.

"The bathrooms worked until the water went out, so we had to - it was like a domino effect, we had to go from car to car to car," said passenger Sonia Turner.

"They stopped at an area where we could get on and off the train, so we weren't confined the whole time," passenger Kathy Newkirk said.

The Amtrak train originated in New York City.

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