Dental device is giving people good vibes

July 11, 2012

If you're afraid of visiting your dentist, don't worry, you're not the only one. Fifty percent of all Americans say they dread going -- the biggest reason, they're afraid of painful injections.

"If I tell a parent a child is going to need a filling or restoration, the first question thing that they ask me is, 'is he or she going to need the shot?'" said Doctor Jane Soxman, a pediatric dentist.

A new hand-held tool is taking the sting out of the shots and sending good vibes to their patients.

The dental vibe looks, and sounds, a lot like an electric toothbrush, but the tip has two prongs that vibrate your gums while a space in-between them allows your dentist to inject anesthetics.

The key to this new tool is that the vibration reaches the brain before the pain sensation does, blocking the patient's brain from feeling the injection.

"The vibration is going on both sides of that needle stick, so you're preventing the signal from getting out." Says Andrew Weiman, product development specialist for the Bresslergroup.

Children who have already had this new tool used on them say they hardly felt anything.

Use of the dental vibe is not limited to pediatric patients, free visits for their adult patients, as well.

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