Summer Grilling Party for 6 under $70

July 12, 2012

More information:

George's Outdoor Entertaining Menu - $67
Wine: Chilled Pinot Grigio Santa Marina magnum (2 bottles) $9.99
Bruschetta $5.00
with Olive and Arugula Tapenade $9.50
1st Course:
Grilled Romaine with Prosciutto & Caramelized Garlic Croutons $10.50
2nd Course:
Grilled Breast of Chicken with Red Pepper Pesto $7.00
Whole Wheat Pasta & Grilled Summer Squash, Smoked Pecans $6.00
3rd Course:
Columbian Supremo Coffee $2.00
Strawberry Zabaione with Lemon Ricotta Cake $8.95
George's Goodie Bag: $2.00
Lemon Ricotta Demi Loaves Pound Cakes - each guest takes home cake! $5.95

George Hirsch's 5 TIPS for Affordable Outdoor Entertaining
1. Show Stopper: Anything cooked on the grill creates great aroma & flavor. Pick an attention getting dish; such as George's Grilled Romaine Salad, which is also budget friendly-you'll never want serve a non-grilled salad again.
2. Signature Drinks: Serve a cool beverage like Pinot Grigio; a great alternative to a full bar set-up for mixed cocktails. Keep in mind; a good drinking wine for summer entertaining does not need to be costly to taste good.
3. Grill-it Simply: Grill chicken ahead which is ideal to serve cold, for a no-fuss do ahead main course. Add colorful mix of grilled veggies with pasta and pesto, as an impressive all-in-one dish to serve. And, a cost cutting dish to put together.
4. Presentation is King: No matter if you are serving homemade brushetta or home baked pound cake; put effort and thought into the way you are presenting your dishes. The little creative details can transform the focus of your affordable entertaining experience to a memorable occasion.
5. Make a Lasting Impression: Send your guests home with a thoughtful token of your enjoyable evening together with an edible take-away gift. Simply prepare extra when making dessert with easy take-home packaging.

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