Wrong number a distress call for Canadian man

July 13, 2012

Steve Dykens was running an errand when his phone rang.

It was a woman who had misdialed, but was obviously in distress.

Before he could hang up, the woman told him she thought she was having a stroke. Dykens asked where she was and it just so happened that the location was right up the road. So Dykens rushed to her aid.

"I just sorta bent down on my knee and had my hand on her leg, assure her that help was on the way," Dykens said.

Eileen O'hara was rushed to the hospital and treated for bleeding on the brain. She's grateful for Steve's willingness to help. Steve says he's just happy he was in the right spot.

"I say 'thank you very much,'" she said. "Because... I appreciate it."

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