30 percent of drivers say they've texted while driving

July 18, 2012 (CHICAGO)

First of all, despite all the warnings about not texting while driving, 30 percent of motorists say they have done it while driving to or from work. That might explain why 24 percent of drivers say they have been in an accident while commuting.

This survey was done by CareerBuilder.com.

Some of us are angry drivers: 58 percent say we experience road rage at times. That includes 61 percent of women compared to 56 percent of men.

Nine percent of drivers say they have actually gotten into a fight with another driver on the way to and from work.

Want a calmer commute? Here's what career builder recommends:

- Give yourself extra time -- 15 minutes can make a big difference to allow for any delays.

- Request flexible work arrangements -- if possible -- so you avoid rush hour.

- Try easy listening -- something soothing in the car to help you relax.

- And, finally, consider public transportation -- which may be the best route for you.

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