Boosting your performance level

July 20, 2012

However, finding the right supplements can be difficult. David Foreman, the self titled "Herbal Pharmacist" says slick marketing and lack of scientific research keep many people from taking natural remedies. But Foreman says there are a growing number of companies that are independently publishing scientific studies in reputable medical journals to remove the stigma that consumer might associate with an industry once considered for just bodybuilders.

Foreman's Top 3 Performance Obstacles and supplement solutions that can help give you a boost:

Performance Obstacle #1: need more energy & endurance

Natural Remedy:
• - Green Tea- has a mild caffeine effect but there are other components in the tea that counterbalances it like damage-protecting antioxidants.
• - Chia Seeds- ancient ingredient secret that was used by the Aztecs. Chia seeds pack a powerful punch because they are a unique combination of complex carbohydrates, protein and good fat (omega-3) in the correct ratio

Performance Obstacle #2: Aching joints

Natural Remedy:
• - Celadrin- taken orally or used topically as an anti-inflammatory for joints and muscles to help the body's natural process of decreasing swelling and damage. This ingredient is backed with scientific studies published in the prestigious Journal of Rheumatology for both oral and topical applications as well as the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Performance Obstable #3: Stiff and Store

Natural Remedy:
• - Perluxan- used to flavor beer but can also be ingested to alleviate pain and stiffness that comes as a result of muscle damage. One unique advantage of Perluxan is that unlike many natural supplements that can take weeks or months to work, it can start relieving pain within the first 30 minutes of taking the first dose.

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David Foreman RPh, is a registered pharmacist, author, television correspondent, radio host and is known to audiences nationwide as the "Herbal Pharmacist." Foreman is well versed on the healing power of herbs, vitamins and other natural products, but it's his down-to-earth, layman delivery that attracts national audiences to tune in to his weekly call-in radio show to learn more. He is also the author of The Herbal Pharmacist Newsletter distributed exclusively through The Vitamin Shoppe. Foreman is a frequent speaker at some of America's leading universities, medical groups and hospitals on the subject of natural health and healing. His shift from traditional pharmacist to herbal pharmacist was based on his belief that education is the key to the understanding that natural health plays a vital roll in traditional medicine; and he has dedicated is entire career to educating consumers about the benefits and power behind natural herbs and supplements. Foreman is a graduate of the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy and author of the newly released book, "4 Pillars of Health: Heart Disease."

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