Survivors struggling to make sense of Colo. shooting

July 12, 2012 (DENVER)

Fourteen-year old Prodio Patria now has a bullet hole in his back.

Doctors decided to not remove the bullet because it's not doing him any harm.

He and other survivors say the shootings are a reminder of how precious life really is.

"I see life differently," Patria said. "It's kinda shocking to see how fast you could die and how fragile life is. It's just going to make me more careful in what I do."

"I have these very long scars that are going to be on my neck," said survivor Stephen Barton. "I kind of like that. Because every morning when I can see these stars. I can be reminded you have to live life to the fullest."

At least seven people are still hospitalized in critical condition.

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