Olympic Athletes Training Secrets

July 23, 2012

What looks like an Olympic photo-shoot, is a rare rest-day with fans, but for a glimpse into their daily grind, all you have to do is ask.

Interval runs, sprinting, hurdling...it's what coach Dennis Mitchell calls...

"Hard work and hard work," Mitchell said.

While your work may never get you to the Olympics, there are ways to improve your training, starting in your own backyard.

For sprinter Curtis Mitchell...

"The most important thing as a runner is that you have to push through on your down days. The days you don't feel good are the most important days," Curtis Mitchell, 100/200 meter sprinter, told Ivanhoe.

To push through, do what you love.

"I love abs. I love the weight room.," Damu Cherry-Mitchell, an Olympic hurdler, told Ivanhoe.

World champ Tyson Gay runs for a living...but there are two other "R" words on his mind.

"I believe in rest," Gay told Ivanhoe.

He also believes in rehydration, so don't forget to fuel up!

"You're a Ferrari, the fuel you put in your Ferrari dictates how that car runs from day to day," Coach Mitchell explained.

It's something Justin Gatlin preaches .Gatlin won gold in 2004 but lean meats and portioned meals helped him trim more than just his run time.

"I was like 210, 205 pounds, now I'm down to 182," Gatlin told Ivanhoe

And gold isn't the only reward their after.

"That one cheat day of the week where I eat whatever I want," Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie, an Olympic gold medalist told Ivanhoe.

"Oh my gosh I love gummies and cupcakes," Cherry-Mitchell laughed.

So what's former Olympian, and current coach, Dennis Mitchell's best training secret?

"Well I'd tell ya, but as everyone says I'd have to kill ya," Coach Mitchell said.

The opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic games kicks off Friday, July 27th. For a full schedule of the Olympic games visit http://www.london2012.com/schedule-and-results/

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