NW side assaults suspect arrested

Bond was denied for 23-year-old Vidal Rainey during a court appearance on Saturday.

The arrest and charges came after an extensive investigation involving multiple incidents, which occurred in both the Humboldt Park and Wicker Park areas.

Detectives published a community alert with a composite sketch of a possible offender on July 30.

Some residents say they are still concerned about safety in their community.

"I do not feel you can ever feel safe," said resident Luz Leon.

Chicago police said that Rainy was identified as the offender in a total of 10 cases.

"There are for 10 victims or 10 cases, out of what believe we believe 20 he is responsible for," said Cmdr. Gary Yamashiroya.

Police said Rainy allegedly approached one of the female victims in the 2100 block of North Bingham and ordered the victim to drop her mobile phone. He then produced a handgun demanding cash.

When the victim said she had no money he demanded her ATM card and then attempted to sexually assault the victim. When the victim resisted he fled the scene.

"The offender progressed from using a knife to a handgun and he also sexually assaulted a victim," Yamashiroya said.

"I feel safer knowing he is not out on the streets anymore," said resident Jory Sanders.

There have been multiple crimes in the area, two on July 11. The offender approached lone females in the early morning hours, in several incidents displaying a weapon, demanding money and property and attempted to sexually assault the victims.

"You think about it happening in other areas and other locations, but not exactly in your neighbor's house," said resident Hector Garcia.

During the course of the investigation, police were able to determine that Rainey was using a silver Pontiac in some of the crimes. He also attempted to use an ATM card unsuccessfully.

Through video surveillance, the vehicle was identified and located. An evidence technician recovered a print from the vehicle which led to Rainey's identification.

"Myself, with a family with females, just a family in general, we're very concerned" said Jesse Granato.

Several residents in the area are now relieved that Rainy is behind bars.

The sketch describing Rainey is still out and police at this point do not want to rerelease his mug shot.

So far, he has been identified as the offender in a total of ten cases.

The police believe there may be more victims out there.

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