Damage left in wake of powerful storm

August 4, 2012 (AURORA, Ill.)

During the storm, a semi in Morris, about 60 miles southwest of Chicago, flipped onto its side with the driver inside.

The driver had been sleeping and was not hurt.

The fire chief says a 250-foot transmission tower was blown over, and dozens of people called in to report trees on houses and cars, much of the town lost power.

In Aurora, the storm swept through an apartment complex called the Constitution House, a retirement community, causing a considerable amount of damage.

In fact, the membrane of the roof fell into the courtyard.

Eighty-four units and between 80-100 people were affected, fortunately there were no injuries.

Workers were on site to make the building waterproof.

"The only floor that was really seriously affected was the top floor where portions of the roof came off," said Cmdr. Paul Nelson or the Aurora Fire Department.

Officials said many of those affected will be housed with relatives. Some will be placed temporarily in unused units in the complex.

"I heard this big noise and I saw a roof flying past my window, I live in the back part where it fell," said resident Doris Sehie. "I'm going with my daughter."

Officials said that 14 residents will be sent to living accommodations that the city of Aurora will pay for.

"The ceilings on the seventh floor have partially started to fall into the hallway," said Don Davids of the Aurora Fire Department. "They immediately evacuated the people on the seventh floor. We did not have any injuries and the city has been working with the Red Cross and has made arrangements to house everyone for the night."

"My mom is currently waiting to get somewhere to stay for the night," Diana Ruiz said.

Workers said they will be working through the night at the Constitution House to waterproof the building.

They also said that they think things will get back to normal in a few days, although that is hard to believe given the enormity of the damage.

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