Video shows Sen. Kirk's recovery progress

August 6, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Kirk's senate office released its second video since the junior senator from Illinois suffered a stroke almost seven months ago.

The three minute and 14 second video is well produced. It shows Kirk in rehab and at home working on senate business. The video also contains edited short statements from Kirk.

"I wanted to make sure that we could update the people of Illinois on my progress against this stroke," said Kirk.

Using time lapse video, Kirk shows the progress he has made since suffering a stroke in January. Since then, he has been working at the rehabilitation institute of Chicago to improve his walking, speech and mobility.

"There have been exciting moments; when I climbed every story of the RIC building," said Kirk in the video.

In a carefully-edited video released by his senate office, Kirk announces he is no longer an in-patient, but back home in Ft. Sheridan.

"Very good to be at home out of an institution," said Kirk in the video. "Right now, I talk to my staff several times a day to talk about key issues."

Kirk says he keeps up with business by email. The video shows Kirk meeting with members of congress. Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin says he speaks with Kirk at least every other week.

"I know it's just drudgery, all the time on the treadmill and the like, but he is a determined, strong person, he'll be back, and I'm looking forward to his return," said Durbin.

Kirk says he and Durbin are working closely together to pick the next us is the way Kirk has chosen to keep his constituents updated of his condition. The latest is the junior senator from Illinois second video since January.

"I want to thank the people of Illinois for their patience with this patient to recover from a big stroke.... to make sure that they know that your loved one can recover quite a bit," said Kirk in the video.

Besides showing his progress and being an inspiration to others who suffer strokes, it is important for Kirk to show the people of Illinois that he can still work.

Sen. Durbin says he plans to visit Kirk soon. Durbin says he and Kirk had a good working relationship before the stroke. Durbin says it is even stronger today.

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