6 Andersonville garages catch fire

Bomb and arson investigators are looking into a string of suspicious fires after several garages at six addresses in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood went up in flames, just after midnight, Wednesday, August 8, 2012.

August 8, 2012 10:05:40 AM PDT
Bomb and arson squads are investigating after six garages caught fire in the 1600-block of West Farragut and 1600-block of West Berwyn in Rogers Park early Wednesday.

The fires began just after midnight. Police say no one was hurt.

Property was damaged, including at least three cars that were destroyed and siding melted off several homes.

The fires occurred at 1625 W. Berwyn, 1627 W. Berwyn, 1631 W. Berwyn, 1626 W. Farragut, 1628 W. Farragut and 1630 W. Farragut.

Police are investigating whether the fire was intentionally set.

"We are out here, flames are shooting up like crazy, so we grabbed garden hoses and are hosing down our garages and everything to prevent it from spreading," said Richard Sypniewski.

Ty Hanson and his wife lost their Jeep and 1975 Stingray corvette they were rebuilding. The fire from the neighboring garage apparently jumped to theirs.

"I thought maybe some kids or something were shooting off firecrackers are something," Hanson said.

Juan Vazquez was clipping away the debris on two of his garages.

"I do not have as much to do as other people but call insurance, pay my deductible," he said.