Sikh temple shooting details emerging

August 8, 2012 (MILWAUKEE)

The 40-year old gunman who stormed temple took six innocent lives and then killed himself as police closed in and we have learned disturbing details about his years of festering racism.

Even as what happened comes into focus, there will never be sufficient answers for the families of those who died and the lives touched by their deaths. Wednesday night in Chicago a candlelight vigil was held on the North Side.

Prayers for the victims, those left to mourn and those who helped save lives, including the youngest heroes who were outside playing when they heard gunshots.

"We thought was a fireworks but then it wasn't fireworks, it was bullets and we saw a guy he got out of a cab and he fast walked and hit two people who were getting into their car," said 9-year-old Amanat Singh.

Wade Page had just killed his first two victims with a 9 mm pistol, but as they were dead on the pavement, the young girl and her brother ran into the temple to warn people.

"As soon as we got in the kitchen i started yelling, I'm like -there's a guy with a gun! Hide! Hide!" said 11-year-old Abhay Singh.

Some of them did hide and survived.

Four worshippers were killed inside the temple.

According to the autopsy reports there was no evidence of individuals targeted; some victims were shot in the head, others in the back.

Back outside, from 75 feet away, a police officer shot wade page in the stomach and then page shot himself in the head.

"We did not have an open investigation on him, prior to the shootings," said FBI agent Teresa Carlson.

But the FBI apparently did have an open investigation on his girlfriend, Misty Cook, according to Ms. Cook herself.

The ITeam has learned that on this white supremacist website, page and cook frequently posted racist comments under screen names "end apathy" and "lulu roman."

Their postings date back several years, even when Ms. Cook, a Chicago native, is thought to have been living here on the Northwest Side.

In one post by Lulu Roman she writes that "in 2005, the jttf," the FBI's joint terrorism task force, "visited me in jail in Wisconsin, but they also visited my mother in Illinois."

While Cook was in jail in Wisconsin in 2005 it isn't clear why federal authorities visited her.

But seven years later they would visit her again, this time with questions about her recently estranged boyfriend, the Sikh temple killer.

Authorities found a handgun in the ex-girlfriend's apartment and arrested her for possession of a firearm by a felon.

Cook has not responded to our phone calls or emails. The FBI says it has questioned 100 people nationwide and fielded a hundred leads worldwide.

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