Bullying Warning Signs

August 10, 2012


* Younger children will usually tell a teacher or parent (For younger kids, they usually tell someone right away, such as a teacher or parent. They don't yet fear retaliation and they are open about their problems)

* Playing alone, desire to stay home from school, potty accidents (Little kids who are bullied tend to have trouble getting into a group on the playground, are often found playing alone, do not get invited for many playdates, express a desire to stay home from school, and act afraid of going to school (or day-care, or wherever the bullying is happening). They may have more potty accidents.

Middle School

* Running to the bathroom when they arrive home (Middle school kids who are being bullied often come home in desperate need of using the bathroom (they've been holding it in all day for fear of going to the bathroom and being attacked away from the eyes of teachers).

* Hungry or starving after school (They are also often terribly hungry after school because someone is taking their lunch or their money. Middle schoolers are very reluctant to ask for help, unlike younger kids. They have learned that it is "uncool" to tattle and they fear retaliation.)

High School

* Changing in eating habits

* Insomnia, restlessness

* Long-sleeved shirts or pants to hide marks from self-injury

* Missing alcohol or prescription drugs

* Loss of enthusiasm

* Withdrawal from family

* Giving away valued possessions

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