Storms cause damage downstate, delay Chicago games

August 10, 2012 4:33:12 AM PDT
Ahead of Friday's high winds and cooler temperatures, storms rolled through Thursday night and early Friday morning.

There's some damage south of Chicago. But it's much worse downstate.

In Bloomington, several buildings were damaged, including an auto repair shop. One worker says it was raining lightly, then suddenly the building started shaking. No injuries were reported.

In nearby Sidney, the storm knocked some rail cars off the tracks. At least ten freight cars were derailed. There's no word on what was inside. No one was hurt.

And, back in Chciago, storms disrupted the Bears' first preseason game at Soldier Field. Fans and players were sent to seek cover. Play was delayed for a few minutes until the weather cleared. The Cubs were also affected; play was delayed at Wrigley Field for an hour.