Female referee makes NFL history

August 10, 2012 (SAN DIEGO)

Shannon Eastin, 42, made NFL history when she took the field as one of the refs replacing regular game officials due to an ongoing labor dispute with the NFL. Chargers head coach Norv Turner called the appearance "historic."

Eastin took the field, but did not take questions or even talk to the media as she made NFL history in San Diego at Thursday night's pre-season opener at Qualcomm Stadium.

"I got my picture taken with her before the game because, you know, it's History, and it's reality," said Turner. "She was, I think, confident and in control. I didn't see play to play, but I thought she fit."

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers joined Turner in commenting on how Eastin's appearance impacted things on the field.

"It went as usual, which I'm sure she hoped," said Rivers.

In the locker room, Chargers tight end Antonio Gates said he never had any interaction with Eastin, but he saw her on the way out.

"It's interesting to see a woman being involved because of the physicality of this game," Gates said, "but she held her own. She did a phenomenal job, and I think, as professionals, you just respect people who understand their craft and they do the best they can at what they do."

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