Divorce Expo comes to Naperville

August 11, 2012

Whether you're in the limelight or not, divorce is never a pleasant thought; but it doesn't have to be all that difficult, or emotionally and financially draining. The Divorce Expo (www.thedivorceexpo.com) is offering advice, and Linda Perry, Divorce Consultant (www.divorcehelpchicago.com), came into our ABC7 studio to tell us more about the event and how to best go about getting a divorce.

The Divorce Expo
Saturday, August 18, 2012
Arista Hotel

Linda's top 5 tips to survive financially with divorce:
1. Know what you own and owe:
Bank statements
Retirement account
Tax returns
Mortgage statements
Credit card bills
Personal assets & debts
Marital assets & debts

2. Seek proper advice and don't rush to divide: Hold off selling certain assets
Find a financial planner and accountant

3. Collaborate rather than litigate:
Keep legal expenses down
Hire a collaborative lawyer/mediator
Agree to fair resolution

4. Minimize your financial exposure:
Establish separate finances
Close joint accounts and credit cards

5. Set new priorities and goals:
List priorities & financial goals
Determine assets after expenses

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