Intelligence Report: Chicago 2024? Slim odds city will bid again on Olympics

August 13, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The next opportunity for a U.S. city to bid is for the 2024 games.

In this Intelligence Report: What are the chances of a Chicago re-bid for 2024?

To put it in Chicago-ese: The chances of this city bidding for the 2024 Olympics are slim to none and slim just left town.

Even though the paperwork from Chicago's losing bid is still current and could easily be updated, the wounds are still also fresh.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Emanuel said matter-of-factly Monday: "He is not interested in seeking the 2024 Olympic bid."

The words still sting: "The City of Chicago, receiving the lowest number of votes, will not proceed to the next round."

Not only did Chicago lose the 2016 games, the city finished dead last.

But, with London Olympic fever just breaking, USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo says that he has heard three cities might be interested in bidding for the next available summer games slot in 2024: Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas.

And Colangelo, a Chicagoan, is also on the board of World Sport Chicago, the organization chaired by Pat Ryan, who led Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid.

The director of World Sports tells the I-Team: "We obviously believe strongly in the Olympics. Obviously, we also believe that Chicago is a great city and would be a good host. Beyond that we have no awareness of any formal discussions or any planning being held regarding the 2024 bid."

Just as former Mayor Richard M. Daley's support of the 2016 bid was mandatory, no future Chicago bid will go anywhere without the firm backing of current Mayor Emanuel.

Despite that, a Chicago rebid is being played up in some sports circles.

If Chicago was the fall guy for a fractured relationship between the U.S. and the International Olympic Committee, some insiders believe City Hall could be convinced of a rebid if the odds were better.

For now though, Dallas seems to have the inside track. The city is already working on a bid, and Philadelphia has started a push to "Bring the games to the birthplace of America."

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