1 shot, 1 beaten during Plainfield home invasion

August 14, 2012 (PLAINFIELD, Ill.)

The shooting happened at approximately 1:15 a.m. in a quiet, residential neighborhood.

Two of the men were wearing masks, police say.

"I was asleep. I woke up, and I turned around and I [saw] two guys with bandanas, and [they] were asking, 'Where are the drugs? Where is the money?'" said the victim who requested that ABC7 Chicago conceal his identity.

Police say they are still trying to determine whether the men were allowed into the apartment or if they shoved their way in, but once they were inside, a scuffle began. One victim was was beaten, and another was shot in the arm.

"It missed the heart by like a quarter to a half an inch, and it came out and went in my arm and out the back of my arm," the victim said.

Police say the suspects were armed with a semi-automatic handgun and a shotgun.

The victim admits he has been in trouble with the law in the past, he says he believes his apartment on Main Street West of Route 59 was targeted.

Both victims were transported to hospitals and are expected to be OK.

Police say they are looking for three, armed suspects who left the apartment complex after the beating and shooting in a red SUV.

According to police, three of six people who were inside the apartment live there, and some of them have criminal records.

Carolyn Yahnke lives nearby and says this kind of incident is shocking in the quiet southwest suburb.

"It's just rare that we have something like this. This definitely is a surprise, and we feel safe around here," Yahnke said.

"I can count on one hand how many instances we've had with firearms involved in the Village of Plainfield. The last incident we had was about a year ago when we had a domestic situation with a couple people shot, but this is a very rare incident for Plainfield," said Plainfield Police Dept. Chief John Konopek.

Area resident Cathy Albright was also surprised at the violence, although she said she had noticed a lot of activity at the apartment complex next door, where the home invasion shooting happened.

"Just the people that are in and out -- sometimes, not the ones who have lived here forever, but some of the newer people and the vehicles in and out -- we've had police here before at those apartments," Albright said.

Although no one was in custody later Tuesday morning, Plainfield police were telling residents in the area not to fear.

"We're just letting them know this is not a random act. We believe that the offenders targeted this particular residence. We're not sure of the reason yet, but all indications are that the offenders have left the area, probably the village itself. So, there is no immediate threat to any of the surrounding areas," said Konopek.

No details on the suspects' descriptions were available Tuesday.

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