Gunfire heard in 911 calls from Sikh temple shooting

August 15, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Gunfire can be heard on some the 911 calls made on August 5 as gunman Wade Page shot worshippers, killing six. The first call came from someone outside the temple, but was followed by calls from those inside, including one in which the man says, "There's a shooting." Then gunfire is heard and the call gets disconnected. The dispatcher calls back twice- with no luck.

In another call, a woman whispers from inside the church.

"We are sitting in the basement," she says.

The 911 operator asks, "Did you see the shooter?"

The woman says, "I don't know. We just hide now."

"Police are on the scene", the operator says.

The caller softly replies, "Thank you."

The calls present a picture of fear, as well as remarkable composure by those who had gathered for a morning worship service. They do not shed any light on why Page, an avowed white supremacist, decided to kill.

Wade was shot by an officer before killing himself.

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