Wounded Army Specialist Nick Mapson tours brand new Antioch home

August 15, 2012 (ANTIOCH, Ill.)

Army Specialist Nick Mapson was wounded while serving in Afghanistan. Through the kindness of others, Mapson and his wife are enjoying a happy new beginning in their lives.

Army Specialist Mapson and his family had been waiting for this day, the first time they get to see their brand-new home finished. They plan to move in next week.

Mapson and his wife Jackie are awestruck.

"You don't really know how much people really do care until stuff like this happens," said Mapson.

"Everything is so perfect...beautiful. I'm floored," said Jackie Mapson.

Their new home, complete with a flag and yellow ribbons, is 3,500-square-feet of beauty in Antioch.

Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a finished basement -- a generous gift from an Army of donors.

"Just living here everyday...this is a life-long gift," said Jackie Mapson.

It has been eight challenging years since Nick Mapson was injured. He was set on fire when the truck he was in hit an anti-tank mine in Afghanistan.

It has been a painful road.

"It's been a long road," said Nick Mapson, "and there might be more operations coming up to fine tune things."

That's why the house suits his needs: Round knobs are smooth to his touch, even the toilet paper holders are designed as support beams.

All this is possible because a woman from the DC area chipped in $260,000 and Susanne Tauke donated the land.

"As we all know, the homebuilding business is in a slump right now -- so this has been uplifting for all of us. Everybody involved," said land donor Susanne Tauke.

More than 40 companies helped, donating the floor, appliances, kitchen cabinets. And they're eager to do it again.

"We want do this again...we're not going to stop here. We want to be able to help more," said Homebuilders Association of Greater Chicago Executive Officer Rita Unzner.

"Seriously, just thank you, thank you, thank you," said Nick Mapson. "And I can't wait to move in...I'm just so excited."

Saturday is the official dedication. It will be an all-day party, complete with a Patriot Guard escort for the Mapson family, paratroopers, and a Navy band.

The public is invited to attend. The party is at the Newport Cove development in Antioch.

The developer said the new home could go for $400,000.

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