DNA testing truck cruises New York streets

August 16, 2012 (NEW YORK)

In New York City, you can just walk up to an RV called the "Who's Your Daddy Truck", a DNA testing facility on wheels.

"This is like Maury. Maury's about to go out of business. Who's your daddy! Who's your daddy," said Felicia.

People can't help but stop, snap pictures and giggle when they see the hard to miss Who's Your Daddy RV in their neighborhood.

Health Street's mobile DNA testing RV cruises city streets selling tests to men who fear they may not really be their kids' dads.

Jared Rosenthal parked it in East Harlem this afternoon and says most times the emotions are overwhelming.

"You're there at a moment that will change their lives forever," he said. Rosenthal swabs clients, fills out paperwork, and takes photographs.

The results are legal and hold up in court.

The tests costs $350.

Don't be surprised to see the Who's Your Daddy mobile on the streets of the five boroughs. After the initial reaction of taking photos people say its quick convenient and private.

Rosenthal delivers the news in person on the phone or by mail in about three days.

As for the talk show comparison, he says he this is real life.

"People think DNA testing is like what they see on tv. But what they see on tv is fighting and people who don't get along. We rarely see that. We see dad's who want to know if it's their kid," he adds.

For more, go to http://www.health-street.net/

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