Death of man mauled by dogs ruled accidental

August 16, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The medical examiner ruled Charles Hagerman's death was an accident.

Hagerman was found dead inside his home Wednesday night after suffering multiple dog bites including to the neck.

Animal Control removed from the residence two pit bulls, which Hagerman's relatives say belonged to his girlfriend's son.

Hagerman's death has left his family stunned.

"I can't see my baby. My baby's ate up. I can't see him. Okay, I've got to have a closed casket," said Salithia Maybell, mother.

"They were vicious dogs. They lived right up there. They killed a dog right there," Maybell continued. "They've attacked before."

Hagerman's relatives say he was scared of the pit bulls, one of them an adult, the other a puppy, which, according to Hagerman's relatives, were kept in a cage.

"He said he don't mess with the big dog because he's too vicious. He bite people that he ain't know," said Zarquil Boston, niece.

Hagerman's relatives say he had a history of seizures and that he may have suffered one, alarming one of the dogs.

"First reaction of a dog is to jump on defense, and that's what happened. But nevertheless, they mauled him to death," said Leonard Thompson, neighbor.

"I want to see them put to sleep," said Maybell.

Maybell says this was her second trip to the morgue in less than a week. A couple days ago, she said she lost a grandson to gun violence.

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