Police question 3 suspects in volleyball star's murder

August 23, 2012 (WHEATON, Ill.)

"I think this situation has highlighted what goes on daily in our country and it's just very, very sad to know that this can hit so close to home," said Mike Gresk, Wheaton mayor.

At that very moment, in the St. Louis suburb of Bel-Nor, police have other questions for an 18-year-old man arrested in connection with some unsolved robberies. Among them: last Saturday's midday stick-up of Ms. Boken, who was in car parked on the side of street near St. Louis University where she had come to play in an alumni volleyball game.

The armed robbery turned into a murder, with Boken fatally shot in the neck and chest.

On Thursday afternoon, St. Louis police and county sheriff's deputies have taken two additional people into custody; a man and a woman, both from the Bel-Ridge neighborhood in north St. Louis County.

During a news conference Thursday evening, St. Louis police said they believe they have Boken's killers in custody based upon the evidence.

Back in Wheaton -- where nothing can replace or return Megan Boken -- her friends left behind said justice matters.

"It's a relief I guess. I hope they catch the person who does it for her family and for her friends," said Maddie Defino, friend.

"We'll see how that pans out but that makes everyone feel better and, you know, just the family - they would appreciate knowing," said Bridget Fonke, friend.

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