BP Gas Recall: BP finds, fixes source of bad gas

August 23, 2012 (WHITING, Ind.)

The problem was related to the alkylation unit at the refinery- and changes have since been implemented to fix the issue. According to a statement from BP, "... gasoline supplied to gas stations in Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland and Milwaukee is back within normal specifications. Testing of this gasoline will continue to ensure quality."

On Tuesday, the company recalled 2.1 million gallons of regular gasoline that was made at the Whiting plant because of higher than normal levels of polymeric residue. That made it hard for cars to start.

More than 5,000 BP customers complained their cars were damaged by the bad gas. BP is now looking at customer claims. Anyone who purchased the bad fuel should call (800) 333-3991 or (800) 599-9040. Information is also available at bpresponse.com

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