Drew Peterson prosecutors decide not to rest their case

August 24, 2012 (JOLIET, Ill.)

The prosecution was expected to call its last witness Friday. That may now happen on Monday, but it is unclear whether prosecutors will call any witnesses when court resumes next week.

The state says it will be ready to close its case on Monday. Friday, they tried to admit into evidence what they hoped would convince the jury that Drew Peterson killed Kathleen Savio.

A disappointment to the state: The jurors were not allowed to hear from Cassandra Cales. Cales is Drew Peterson's missing fourth wife Stacy's sister.

Cales was to take the stand to verify previous phone record testimony, but instead, defense attorneys agreed to a written stipulation that would confirm the information, a loss for the state and Cales, who would have come face to face with the man she thinks killed her sister.

"It's like an emotional roller coaster, and I've been living it for the past five years," said Cales outside of court.

The prosecution was also hoping to call Harry Smith to the stand.

Smith was Kathleen Savio's divorce attorney. He planned to tell the court about a letter Savio wrote about her fears that Drew Peterson would kill her.

Attorneys on both sides couldn't agree on relevance -- so Smith was dismissed for the day.

The state plans to rest its case on Monday.

"It's good to come to the end of our case, and we look forward to proceeding next week," said Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow.

The defense is ready with its own experts and a plan to counter the state's theory so far on what happened the day Savio was found dead.

"We want to get this case to the jury," said Peterson attorney Joe Lopez. "We've been delayed and delayed and delayed, and I think when you see our case go in, it's not gonna be anything like the state's case. It'll go in smooth. It'll go in quick, and we'll get to closing arguments."

Court will resume on Monday, which is different from the normal schedule the trial has been following. It normally runs Tuesday through Friday, but the judge says her wants to move this case along a lot quicker.

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