Elgin teacher to join Quinn in bill signing

August 27, 2012 5:25:25 AM PDT
An Elgin teacher who was attacked by one of her students back in 2008 will join Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Monday for a bill signing that will allow police to inform schools when a student is being investigated for certain crimes.

Carolyn Gilbert is the teacher who was attacked. She lost an eye as a result.

She was unaware that her attacker was being investigated for a violent crime at the time. She tells our news partner, The Daily Herald, she's still working to move beyond her ordeal.

"I just haven't forgiven him yet," Gilbert said. "I'm not angry (just to be) angry. I'm angry at the whole situation with this eye because I think it could've been prevented"

For more on Monday's bill signing and Gilbert's story, you can check out the Daily Herald's website or pick up Monday's paper.