Chicago Teachers Union to file strike notice?

August 28, 2012 (CHICAGO)

"We'll make that decision when our leadership team and our opportunity to talk to the actual leaders of our union, and we have a chance to do that. And we'll be speaking with them tomorrow," said Karen Lewis, president, Chicago Teachers Union.

The statement came after a meeting Tuesday night with CPS parents.

"We'd like to have some opportunity to have feedback about what's going on and what our next steps will be," said Lewis.

Word of a possible strike notice being filed comes about a week after the school board set aside $25 million to make libraries and other buildings available for kids to go if there's a strike.

Though most schools open next Tuesday, year-round schools began August 13.

In a statement Tuesday night, a CPS spokesperson said, "Students can't afford to be removed from their classroom at a time when they're starting to make progress with the Full School Day. They belong in school with their teachers, which is why we need to stay at the table and keep negotiating."

"Contracts will be done. So let's try to make it a reasonable one," said Lewis.

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