Wisc. delegates cheer on native son Paul Ryan at RNC

August 29, 2012 (TAMPA, Fla.)

In the Wisconsin delegation, a cheesehead celebrated the state's Republican winning streak.

"We are living in a cheesehead revolution. The leaders of Wisconsin are not only leading this party but this nation," said Sol Grosskopf, Wisconsin delegate. "We got Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus. Who else do we need?"

Even before Ryan spoke, his fellow Wisconsans were confident of a home run.

"Paul is really consistent, he's sincere, he means what he says. He's not making it up, he doesn't need that teleprompter," said Dona Pullman, Wisconsin delegate.

The 42-year-old, seven-term congressman grew up in Janesville where Democrats outnumber Republicans. Still the town is excited about one of their own a the national stage.

"My wife and I are always about people being a genuinely good person and that's Paul," said Val Crofts, Ryan friend.

Illinois Republicans hoped their neighbor to the north -- a strong fiscal conservative -- would allay the fears of moderates.

"The Democrats are trying to make him out as somebody that's an extremist. And this gives him a great opportunity to reassure folks that he's like most of them are," said former Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar (R).

There's no doubt that Paul Ryan has solidified the party's conservative base. The big question moving forward: Can he attract new voters to the election in November to bring victory to the Republicans?

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