Strike Update: No deal yet despite progress in talks

September 13, 2012 11:17:41 PM PDT
As a strike rolled into its fifth day, union and school officials wrapped up talks after midnight without a deal, despite both sides reporting progress in negotiations earlier and expressing optimism that an end was in sight.

Chicago School Board President David Vitale said his team had to study the financial implications of proposals made on the issue of teacher recall.

"We've got some number crunching to do overnight and we'll be back tomorrow," said Vitale. "Hopefully we can finish this up tomorrow ... we're really closing a lot of gaps."

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who looked weary, told reporters, "we have a lot of things we have to figure out ... we had some good conversations and I think that's a sign." She said there are many "interesting" ideas being batted around but would not specify.

The teachers strike, which began Monday, has delayed the start of the school year for more than 350,000 public school children in the city. The Chicago public school system is the nation's third largest.

Earlier in the day, CTU confirmed Chicago public school classes will not resume on Friday, September 14.

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