Glen Ellyn student-athletes punished after online pics

September 28, 2012 (GLEN ELLYN, Ill.)

The Glenbard South High School students have been disciplined after allegedly posting pictures of an underage drinking party online.

Kyle Johnson was at the party last Saturday but is not one of the athletes in trouble.

"We were all just having a good time, doing our thing, having fun, being seniors, what we're supposed to do, and consequence are there, people knew about it but they still did it," said Johnson.

The school implemented their athletics code which sets rules for student athletes in and out of school.

In a statement about the athletes caught, school officials said in part, "the student athletes are not suspended from school classes, but from athletic participation" and that the school district "wants their students to understand the importance of making good decisions... And when they make poor decisions there will be consequences"

Johnson and his mom say the punishment is a reminder to think before posting anything to social media.

"I teach him right from wrong and to leave, stay away from trouble," said Bridget Snyder, mother.

"I think everyone should put their profile on private," said Johnson.

Social media week just wrapped in Chicago and tech expert Paul Rand, CEO of the Zocalo Group, says one of the most important topics was the repercussions of posting inappropriate pictures online.

"You know you hear this thing of, you have to watch out for the other driver. Well you have to watch out for the other photographer the other social media person as well, not only controlling what you do but making sure others are in understanding as well," said Rand.

Rand says just because your photos are set to private doesn't mean you're in the clear. It's a lesson many students here are learning the hard way.

"When I post pictures on Facebook I only think of pictures I want my parents to see. My family is on Facebook you really do have to be careful," said Victoria Wallenberg, senior.

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